About eZeCars

About eZeCars

eZeCars is designed for people who need a permanent or semi-permanent car in Spain but who don’t want to buy one.

We provide good quality, used vehicles at reasonable monthly prices that include maintenance, insurance and breakdown cover.

Our pricing structure is very simple. Cars are available at either €279 per month, €319 per month or €369 per month. These monthly prices reflect the purchase value of the car and take into account the age, condition and kilometers travelled. Broadly, these price bands are €279 for small cars (Fiat Punto, Peugeot 207, Renault Clio) , €319 for compact cars (Ford Focus, Opel Astra, Citroen Xsara) and €369 for medium sized cars (Opel Meriva,) However, this is not always the case as sometimes, for instance,  an older, medium car may be offered at the compact price, or a  high-value, compact vehicle may be offered at the medium price.

The search function on the home page allows you to filter the cars we have by price band, engine type, transmission (manual or automatic), kilometers travelled and by availability from specific dates. Please be aware that we have very limited availability on automatics which reflects the Spanish car market.

The results will show you all the details of each vehicle including a selection of pictures. If you find a vehicle you are interested you simply click on the “Hire Request” button and fill out the form. We will then contact to discuss your request in more detail.

For customers who split their time between Spain and other locations, we offer a unique “sub-hire” service whereby we can hire your vehicle to other customers for the periods when you are not in Spain and split the revenue 50 / 50  with you so reducing your overall costs. This is particularly relevant to people who have a permanent home in Spain but who choose not to spend all year at that home.